Maroussi, Greece, GMT
Maroussi, Greece, GMT
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we are a frontrunner in the pursuit of energy transition. our investment philosophy revolves around embracing net zero strategic directions within the energy sector.

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energy in numbers

from 2005
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10+ years
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inception to exit of a 500m+ energy retailer

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800 MW+
licensed or under development

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why the energy sector?

our services
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at present, we have an ongoing pipeline of invested projects in the following energy related areas:


we are post-exit of the iconic electricity and gas retailer WATT+VOLT. a company that we built over ten years, entering the market during the Greek economic crisis and exiting on the verge of the global energy crisis. at the time of our exist WATT+VOLT grew to be one of the 50 largest companies in Greece with a turnover of 500m+ EUR, exceeding 200K customers

development of solar energy generation assets

we are currently developing a portfolio of solar PV parks in Greece, the Balkans and SEE region. our ambitious business plan aims at more than 2GW of installed capacity.

  • 300MW+ licensed solar PV parks
  • 500 MW under development
development of energy storage facilities

we are currently developing a portfolio of battery storage  facilities in Greece, the Balkans and SEE region. Our ambitious plan aims at more than 500MW of installed capacity.

  • 100MW+ licensed Battery Storage Facilities
  • 200 MW under development
energy trading

we have a long-lasting presence in the power and gas trading, having produced exceptional financial results over the years. since 2013, we been active in physical trading in the broader Balkans and SEE region (Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Romania, North Macedonia) through an established network of trading subsidiaries enabling us to perform cross-border flow of energy across different energy exchanges and trading counterparties. additionally, we have been active since 2015 in financial commodity trading, mainly in power, gas and emission allowance products, to further enhance and optimize our portfolio.

furthermore, our energy trading team has significant expertise in offering RES aggregator services, having represented RES producers in wholesale energy markets since 2020, optimizing the use and revenue streams of their asset.

finally, our dedicated team is also experienced in the management of complex energy asset portfolios and VPPs, including long or short physical positions, physical/financial trades, renewable generation assets, energy storage facilities and customer demand-response portfolios.

  • 10 years of experience               
  • 5GWh traded (electricity)
energy EPC and O&M

through our subsidiary company, ESC, we engage in the full spectrum of EPC services (engineering, procurement construction), focusing mainly on energy projects. specifically, ESC offers engineering services for project development purposes, including the design of solar PV, Energy Storage facilities, net metering systems, micro grids, EV charging stations, as well as relevant construction services.

Since 2015, ESC has successfully completed a number of construction projects of varying sizes (from solar rooftop installed capacity of 2kW to large solar PV parks of 20MW), 

additionally, ESC offers O&M (operation and maintenance) services to various partners, using global best practices and technologies to provide exceptional standard service.

finally, ESC provides sophisticated energy efficiency and energy management services to facilities, contributing considerably to the optimization of energy consumption and bill reduction for its customers.

  • 10 years of experience
  • 38 projects               
  • 25MW Solar PV installed capacity
battery recycling

we are currently exploring investment opportunities in the battery recycling area, which is perceived as an activity of high interest with regard to future market size and considerable profitability potential. furthermore, this activity is a crucial part of the overall environmentally sustainable investment plan of Faraday Norton.  

Maroussi, Greece,  GMT
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